Private driver and tour guide shows Bali behind the scenes

Most visitors heading for Bali are dreaming of sun-baked beaches. Many of these can be found there. With clear blue water and a gentle, refreshing sea breeze.
But Bali has a lot more to offer: it has a Hidden Paradise, with paddy fields, forests, mountains, cultural heritage, rituals, ceremonies, ritual dances and delicious food.
To fully benefit from these additional treasures you need a knowledgeable driver who knows Bali inside out and a guide with equal competence. A private driver and tour guide combined in one person.

Swiss Army Knife

Wayan Suweca - private driver and tour guideNine years ago we found such a Swiss Army Knife, named Wayan Suweca. A Balinese born in Blahkiuh, a village near Ubud. Ever since, we appeal to his services to our full satisfaction. Wayan is reliable, punctual, speaks English and last but not least he is a very nice person.

Hidden Paradise

He knows the history of Bali and can explain the meaning of the ceremonies, of authentic events, of the culture of the Balinese people. He brings you to gardens with medicinal herbs. He has shown us a lot of the hidden paradise within Bali.

Personal Assistant

Apart from the above mentioned activities he can act as your personal assistant during your stay on Bali: assist you in the procurement of tickets for ferries to other islands, like Lembongan or Gili, or of tickets for domestic flights.

Possibilities for an Active Stay

cooking courseMoreover he can offer you a lot of other activities. See activities.  Wayan can provide you with all the ingredients for a relaxed and/or a very adventurous stay on Bali.

Information and Contact

Current information about Wayan you can find in his Facebook feed, at the right-hand side of my introduction. If you want to get more about him, just ask me. For more information about Indonesia and Bali in particular you can also read my blog on the Sate-man site.
When you want to contact Wayan directly and make reservations, go to contact & reservations. As a start you could ask him to pick you up from the airport in Den Pasar, Ngurah Rai.

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